Release 1.42.0.

Content updates

CMS user account expiry date

Site admins can now set expiry dates for fixed-term and external CMS users.

Form submission labels updated

  • When editors download form submissions from the CMS, the data will display as 'exported'.

  • Results not downloaded will display as 'new'.

Long menus removed in CMS

Some menu items were too long and unusable. We’ve removed the level 3 menu from the following dropdowns:

  • Structure > Menus

  • Structure > Taxonomy

To access the lower menu items, click 'Menus' or 'Taxonomy' under the 'Structure' menu.

Sites added to content collection component

Now, you can add sites to the content collection component as well as topics.

'Revision' tab radio button labels

Previously, the CMS revision tab radio buttons were unlabelled. This caused the user confusion and a dilemma of choice. Now, each button column will feature a heading.

'Moderated content' now in CMS top menu

You can now navigate to 'moderated content' via 'content' in the top menu.

Additional CMS fields for industry partner users

Industry partner accounts in the CMS now have additional fields, which can be updated by the user or admins. These include:

  • business name

  • business contact number.

Inactive user account warning email

We've added details to the inactive CMS user account warning email. This includes:

  • the site that is flagging them as inactive

  • a URL to log in to reactivate.


Search results improved

We've created a task (called a 'drush' task) to ensure that search index content matches published content.

Component updates

  • Updated projects to the latest component versions.

  • Updated components to the latest version of Openlayers.

  • Refactored remediation work.

  • Repaired broken maps.

  • Repaired broken charts and data blocks.

Other development work

  • Replace 'fieldRplChecklist' with newer version 'fieldRplSelect'.

  • Removed admin search toolbar from CMS.

  • IGEM code removal.

  • Updated maximum links in sitemap.

  • Remove old visualisation code.

  • Patches added to data visualisation components.

  • Removed 'event author' role.

  • Increased memory limit for 'Composer'.

Site improvements and bug fixes

Anchor tags without a href attribute will no longer convert into a rpl-text-link component. This was causing issues in the front end.

Content collection date bug

We've fixed a bug where the content collection component displayed the wrong news list date.

'Add image' feature will now display for external links without having to select 'no image' and then back to 'thumbnail'.

Sub-sites issue in 'people' section

In the CMS 'people' section, we've fixed the following sub-site issues:

  • dropdown option width display

  • inability to select multiple sub-sites.

Sitemap updates and fixes

New sitemaps

Sitemaps added to robots.txt

sitemap.xml now loads across all appropriate sites

During a site automation build, the sitemap.xml page wouldn't load.

You can fix this in the ‘Admin’ section of the CMS:

  1. Navigate to admin/config/search/simplesitemap/settings page.

  2. Default sitemap variant to 'default'.

  3. Uncheck 'Add styling and sorting to sitemaps'.

Other updates and fixes

  • Removed json string from CMS when using content collection component.

  • Deleting file and file path now deletes CMS entry.

  • Removed editor ability to add new topics via image gallery block.

  • Fixed bug where filtered content doesn't display on CMS dashboard.

  • Fixed bug that stopped users from adding nodes to groups. Now, new and existing content buttons display.

  • Fixed bug that caused an error when uploading media to the CMS.

  • Fixed bug on the 'Submit your Grant' form. The ‘funding amount from’ field didn't allow '0' and caused errors.